Hi, I'm Thanh Thanh

Illustrator / Designer

I am a freelance Vietnamese artist from Texas. I want to transform fellow geeks' nostalgia into new joy and memories through art.This site is to help you navigate through my platforms and commission information. Let me add some childlike magic back in your life!

© Thanh Thanh Truong. All rights reserved.

Commission Checklist

Are you interested in commissioning me? Here's what you'll need to do:
1. Check out my GUIDE for my pricing guide and different offerings!
2. Gather your reference photos/descriptions
3. Fill out the correct contact form
That's it!

What to expect

After I receive your inquiry, I'll reply to you, gather any additional details, then update you on whether I've accepted your commission and send you an invoice. Payment (full or partial) is expected upfront. As soon as the payment goes through, you will be added to my queue!References are REQUIRED. You can create a Pinterest board as well!When everything is completed and the full payment is received, I will send you a full-res image file via a Google Drive link.


This is YOUR commission. Don't hesitate to let me know if there's something you'd like to see during the thumbnail/rough draft phase! I want to make sure you feel seen and your voice is represented in the piece!

Terms of service

A copy of the terms below will be sent to you for you to sign before I start working on the piece!


Payment is collected upfront, meaning before I start working on the piece. If you would like to split the full price into payments, I am more than happy to work out a plan.Refunds for commissioned pieces will not be granted.

Rights & Permissions

- A commissioned piece is always for PERSONAL USE and non-commercial only unless we explicitly agreed on the terms beforehand.
- You may post it anywhere and print it but may not claim it as your own artwork or without proper credit.
- You may NOT modify the piece and repost or create merchandise.
- You may NOT mint/turn the commissioned piece into an NFT.
- I reserve the right to decline a commission inquiry.
- I also maintain the right to claim my artwork as my own, modify, and display it on the following: my portfolio, website, online profiles, and commission sheets.

Revisions & Adjustments

During the sketch phase, you will have 3 opportunities to request revisions (posing, outfits, etc...) Once we get into the lineart phase, any additional revisions will incur an additional fee. You may request slight color adjustments though.

I will draw!I will NOT draw
Chibi StyleKinks
Friends/Family/YourselfOffensive Content